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Posted on: March 5, 2008 10:19 am

Raiders overpaid free agents

The Raiders are in trouble this offseason - and they know it.  And the over-paid free agent contracts that have resulted were an unfortunate necessity - but I worry if the Raiders are mortgaging their future to dig themselves out the hole they got into over the past few years. The team has been sapped of it's talent base by constant turn over in the coaching staff, a failed attempt to switch to a 3-4 defense, questionable drafting, and an unstable environment that has made it very difficult for the Raiders to keep their own talent and attract others.

Without DE/DT Tommy Kelly, S Gibril Wilson, WR Javon Walker and OT Kwame Harris the Raiders were screwed for next year and wouldn't have enough pieces to even help their younger talent develop.

If you disregard these signings they had a multitude of problems and only 5 draft picks (no 3rd or 5th round picks) to fill them. This problems included, but weren't limited to:
  1. An extremely thin crop of talent along the offensive and defensive lines
  2. A paper thin WR corps with only one player who's had more then 6 catches in his career
  3. A huge need on the backside of their defense where they haven't had a pair of safeties who could both be possibly counted on in years
Quite frankly the Raiders were backed into a corner and down on their luck.

Even if all their signings work out they still need to find 2 more defensive ends (they have only 6 defensive linemen including 2 defensive ends in Derrick Burgess and Jay Richardson under contract) and another WR to even have the minimum number of players necessary to play next year. They also probably could use a backup QB, a upgrade at SLB, OC (they've got Jake Grove and no one else who could play the position), another offensive lineman (Paul McQuistan is their backup OG and is at best a journeyman OT and Mario Henderson has never played at the pro level before), etc.

It's hard to see what the Raiders are going to do next - because they're in tough and no one knows if the pockets of talent they've got will be undermined by the weaknesses at key spots.  Here's hoping they get NY Giants lucky in the draft and hit on all their draft picks.
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Posted on: March 1, 2008 11:30 am

Tommy Kelly Contract

For all those who are complaining about the Tommy Kelly contract, perhaps some comparisons will help you understand why...

Last year Cory Redding was franchised as a DT who had been converted to the 3-technique from his DE spot. He got a 7-year, $49 million contract with $16 million guaranteed.

This year, Cleveland gave up their second round pick plus a 6-year, $38 million dollar contract with $18 million in guarantees to Corey Williams.

Tommy Kelly got a 7-year, $50.5 million contract with $18.125 million in guarantees. He's a home-grown player who knows the system, and the Raiders didn't have the ammunition to replace him if he got away because they're already without 3rd or 5th round draft picks.  They were also in a big pickle if they let him get away, because without him they wouldn't have anyone on the roster to (a) play the 1-technique DT position or (b) backup Jay Richardson if there's an injury there.

The Raiders had to have him, and he commanded a premium - but not as much as is being made out.....
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Posted on: February 22, 2008 11:17 am

Raiders to draft 4th

With the Raiders losing the coin toss, they will now be drafting 4th in the coming draft.

I think this will be a good thing because this shouldn't affect who they get with their first round pick as Atlanta seems very likely to pick their favorite QB from Matt Ryan or Brian Brohm to fill a huge need for their team (and it will even save them some money). It will however mean their 2nd round pick is earlier, as they'll be picking again at 34 rather then 37 (where Atlanta will be picking).
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Posted on: February 21, 2008 9:45 pm
Edited on: February 22, 2008 11:12 am

Update to Raiders DraftTek Needs...

A few updates to the Raiders needs based on free agency and a few points from observers, and some likely outcomes of the early period of free agency.

QB 9: It appears to be the general opinion that the Raiders won't want another young signal caller to go with JaMarcus Russell and Andrew Walters, so they'll find someone in FA - with the possibility of that being Josh McCown (or McClown if you prefer) since he's indicated a preference for returning, even if that means he'll be Russell's backup.
RB 9: With the signing of Justin Fargas the Raiders hold all the cards at RB and shouldn't be looking for another player there even when they let LaMont Jordon or Dominic Rhodes go (although I wouldn't be surprised to see a trade happen here to get something for their depth).
WR: 2 M4 - They desperately need 2 receivers. However, with only 5 picks and a lot of needs they probably won't be drafting 2 receivers unless there is a real good deal on someone late.
OT: 3 - Even with their improvement across the line, the Raiders could use still use more assistance at all three line positions as RT is an issue, Robert Gallery is still a disappointment (although he's did show some improvement), and Jeremy Newberry has yet to resign (although no announcement of his re-retirement would seem to be good news).
OG: 3 -
OC: 3 -
FB: 9 - This is just not a need.
TE: 6 - As I've said before the Raiders have got a good pass catching tight end in Zach Miller, and an intriguing young player in John Madsen - but I think the Raiders would like to bring in a top blocking TE that can make their running game all that much more effective. Unfortunately with only 5 picks the Raiders aren't in any position to draft at outside of their big needs...

DT: 1 - If they run a 4-3 they desperately need a 3-technique tackle. If they run a 3-4 they desperately need a DT/DE tweener. Either way they need to stop the run and get better play from their DTs. With 2 of the top free agent DTs being franchised this isn't going to help the FA market/
DE: 3 - Chris Clemons and Tommy Kelly need to both be resigned. Until that happens, this is still a major need. And it's not clear if the Raiders will be able to resign both.
ILB: 9 - Kirk Morrison is a fine player in the middle that will be better if they can find someone to provide more support on the strong side.
OLB: 4 - They need help on the strong side, but won't reach to fill it as there are other more important holes right now.
SS: 3 - They need someone to play across from Huff at a safety position - preferably at SS where Huff has been playing, since Huff's skills are much better suited to FS or man coverage on top receiving TEs.
FS: 9 -
CB: 6 - The tag on Nnamdi Asomugha plus Chris Carr being only a restricted free agent means the Raiders can stand pat here, and I expect that they will fill any perceived need in free agency.
K: 9 -Too many other needs.
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Posted on: February 21, 2008 1:27 pm

Justin Fargas resigned and Nnamdi Asomugha tagged

With the Raiders re-signing Justin Fargas and placing an exclusive tag on Nnamdi Asomugha the Raiders have placed a claim on two of the biggest free agent questions that had going into free agency.

Details on Fargas' new contract are:  Three-year, $12 million contract. The deal contains $6 million in guarantees, all in the first year. Another $2 million is available through incentives. 2008: $605,000, 2009: $2.5 million, 2010: $1.5 million.  And the presumption here is that this solves any outstanding questions about the Raiders at RB since they now have a lot of ability to decide who to keep and cut/trade (as presumably Domanic Rhodes or Lamont Jordon won't make it out of camp this year).

And Asomugha will definitely be a Raider next year (link: www.nfl.com/news/story;jsessionid=4
as the exclusive franchise tag that was used on him prevents anyone else from even talking to him. So he'll be playing for the Raiders, although whether at the cool $9.8 million tender he'll get for his tag or on a long term deal is anyone's guess.
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Posted on: February 11, 2008 5:21 pm

Salary Cap Projections

An interesting article on what the projected salary cap numbers for 2008 were as of Dec 27, 2007 can be found at:


Of note:

Detroit Lions: $23.5M ("There are currently 42 players under contract.")
Oakland Raiders: $25.98M ("There are currently 40 players under contract.")
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Posted on: February 11, 2008 10:57 am

Raiders DraftTek Needs Updated

The Raiders need have been updated to the following on DraftTek after some discussion with a number of people (including a friend who's doing a bit of NFL scouting).  Short comments on various positions are also provided below.

QB: 5 - With only Jamarcus Russel and Andrew Walter currently signed, the team needs to add depth either through free agency or later in the draft.  I wouldn't be surprised if Josh McCown is back in Black and Silver- despite the fact that many Raiders fans don't like him.
RB: 5 - With Lamont Jordon or Dominic Rhodes leaving down for cap reasons, plus Michael Bush still being a question mark - they could use another player here (as has been indicated by many people) - if they decide that they would like to resign Justin Fargas and are able to resign him though, I think this is one need that can be set aside as "settled".
WR: 2 M3 - See my other posts on receivers.
OT: 3 - RT is an issue, as is LT long term...  at some point they need to address this.
OG: 4 - Gallery is still disappointing and I know the Raiders will be looking at OGs at the combine - but I think that until Jeremy Newberry is resigned, the Raiders will address centers and tackles, before they look at guards.
OC: 2 - Jeremy Newberry was the best center on the roster last year even though he couldn't practice all the time.  Now that we're in the off-season again, the question is whether he'll have enough to come back and play for the Raiders again...  Jake Grove was 2nd string to him last year and doesn't have the size or athletesism to really stand out.  As a result, unless Newberry resigns and the staff think he's good to go for another year this is a priority need.
FB: 9 - Justin Griffith and Oren O'Neil... need I say more?
TE: 5 - We've got a good pass catching tight end in Zach Miller, and an intriguing young player in John Madsen - but I think the Raiders would like to bring in a young top blocking TE that can make their running game all that much more effective.

DT: 1 - If they run a 4-3 they desperately need a 3-technique tackle.  If they run a 3-4 they desperately need a DT/DE tweener.
DE: 3 - With Derrick Burgess (and hopefully Chris Clemons) causing havoc as a pass rusher from the left side, across from Jay Richardson or Tommy Kelly (if they can resign him) you'd think they'd be ok here...  but until Kelly resigns and they settle what they're doing in terms of scheme, this is a need.
ILB: 9
OLB: 4 - They need help on the strong side, but won't reach to fill it as there are other more important holes right now.
SS: 3 - Someone needs to step up at SS, but past struggles caused by reaching for players may scare them off of reaching again.
FS: 9 - Huff should be fine if they can get someone for him to play with.
CB: 6 - This may be a need or it may not be a need...  it's hard to get a bead on the position until we know how the Raiders are going to address free agency with Nnamdi Asomugha and Chris Carr.
K: 9 - SeaBass has a long leg, and is frustrating to watch at times...  but I don't see the Raiders entertaining drafting a replacement at this time as there are too many other needs.


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Posted on: February 7, 2008 4:40 pm

2008 Oakland Raiders Free Agents

The following is a list of Oakland Raiders free agents that I was able to find:

QB      Daunte Culpepper      UFA      Oakland Raiders      
QB     Josh McCown         UFA     Oakland Raiders     
RB     Justin Fargas         UFA     Oakland Raiders     
RB     ReShard Lee         UFA     Oakland Raiders     
WR     Tim Dwight         UFA     Oakland Raiders     
WR     Doug Gabriel         UFA     Oakland Raiders     
WR     Chris McFoy         RFA     Oakland Raiders
TE     John Madsen         RFA     Oakland Raiders     
OT     Cornell Green         UFA     Oakland Raiders     
OT     Jonathan Palmer     RFA     Oakland Raiders     
OT     Mark Wilson         RFA     Oakland Raiders     
C     Jon Condo         RFA     Oakland Raiders     
C     Jeremy Newberry     UFA     Oakland Raiders     
DL     Chris Clemons         UFA     Oakland Raiders     
DL     Tommy Kelly         UFA     Oakland Raiders     
DL     Josh Shaw         UFA     Oakland Raiders     
LB     Jon Alston         RFA     Oakland Raiders     
LB     Ricky Brown         RFA     Oakland Raiders     
LB     Isaiah Ekejiuba     RFA     Oakland Raiders     
LB     Isaiah Kacyvenski     UFA     Oakland Raiders     
CB     Chris Carr         RFA     Oakland Raiders     
CB     Chris X. Johnson     UFA     Oakland Raiders     
SS     Jarrod Cooper         UFA     Oakland Raiders     
SS     Hiram Eugene         RFA     Oakland Raiders     

Additionally, WR Jerry Porter has reportedly voided the remainder of his contract to become a UFA and Warren Sapp has declared his retirement...   neither of which bodes well for the two weakest areas of the Raiders.
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